Hey, I'm a boy, 19 years old and a relatively large nerd xD I like video games, particularly Final Fantasy (VIII's my fav), Kingdom Hearts, Mabinogi, Haven and Hearth, CoD, Demon's Souls, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and a lot more xP I also love anime (Bleach, Tsubasa, Naruto, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Code Geass are my favs), movies, FOOD, baseball, and archery. Nice to meet you *bows*

This is a brief bunch of shots showing the mine that’s down the stairs of my house! The really long tunnel you can’t see the end of is my stone mine xD The forest wasn’t for wood btw. That underground forest was to supply hundreds of charcoal to turn thousands of cobblestone into stone, then stone brick for all the walls and such xD Oh and the lake is for fishing.