Hey, I'm a boy, 19 years old and a relatively large nerd xD I like video games, particularly Final Fantasy (VIII's my fav), Kingdom Hearts, Mabinogi, Haven and Hearth, CoD, Demon's Souls, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and a lot more xP I also love anime (Bleach, Tsubasa, Naruto, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Code Geass are my favs), movies, FOOD, baseball, and archery. Nice to meet you *bows*

Log Horizon

Hey I just wanna quickly recommend an epic anime to anyone who sees this. The Anime is Log Horizon and is another MMORPG anime, but unlike most anime’s with a similiar concept (Such as SAO) instead of focusing on action and a quest to escape the MMO this anime shows the people learning to adapt to survive in it for now and to re-learn the rules of the MMO world they are currently living in. It does an amazing job of showing this and people who don’t play MMO’s can actually learn a lot about them through this anime.  Honestly I highly recommend it, it has amazing characters, an excellent concept, stays true to MMO’s and actually FEELS like it’s an MMORPG they are trapped in, and the story is compelling and each week I have to wait for an episode has me spending the entire time in anticipation. Seriously though check this anime out xD





Are there no fucking butterflies in japan 

the only true butterfly

I’m sorry are we just forgetting about the REAL butterfly? Pa-pil-lon! After all he is truly the most fabulous butterfly, once you get to know him.

My day plan? Watching anime and eating nutella with a spoon. Why? Because I can MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *nomnomnomnomnomnomnom*

Cosplay Photos

Now I’m trying desperately to find any photos of me/my girlfriend from Anime North in our cosplay cause we didn’t get anyone to take some with her camera gah xD

Anime North

Had an absolutely amazing weekend at anime north with my girlfriend. Tons of fun. I cosplayed as Jack Frost and she was Merida which was wonderful xP Got to see tons of amazing costumes (A HUGE amount of League of Legends ones O_o) and artwork. Overall an amazing experience.


2 more hours till episode 15 comes out! ^_^ I’m stoked xD Love this anime SO much!

Sword Art Online

This is a public service announcement. If anyone here watches anime and has not yet watched the new anime Sword Art Online, they should freaking hurry up and watch it xD It is honestly the best thing ever for any gamer-nerd/mmo lover xD

Lololol xP Love K-ON X) 

Lololol xP Love K-ON X) 

Epic artwork!

A drawing of Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of said person xP Also just realized I was doing tags wrong *facepalm*

A drawing of Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of said person xP Also just realized I was doing tags wrong *facepalm*